Monday, May 17, 2010

Expectant Mom Shopping List

Being a new mom I thought I would put together a little list of things that were most used in our first month with Nugget.  This might help any expectant mothers out there or help when buying for an expectant mother. 

First: The Big 3 (IMHO)

1.  Bottles/nipples of choice.  This seems obvious but everyone things that everyone else will buy bottles.  I can tell you that unless you want to wash bottles 4-5 times a day (which I don't, once is bad enough) having lots of bottles and nipples is essential. 

2.  Receiving blankets.  Doesn't seem like something you would need a lot of, but in the first few weeks of wearing those diapers with the cut out for the umbilical cord or maybe just because he is a boy, he peed through diapers so many times.  Well, in peeing through the diaper he also got his blanket wet.  Since babies like to be swaddled so you need those clean receiving blankets.

3.  Onesies.  Again this would seem obvious and when I got a bunch at my shower I thought it was too many.  Nope.  Again with the peeing through diapers so much we not only had to change the diaper but the sheets, blanket, and the onesie.   Again with not having to do so much laundry. 

Next post will be fun extras that are really appreciated.

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