Saturday, May 22, 2010

Expectant Mom Shopping List - Part 2

First I want to share a super cute pic of the Nugget.  He has had such a bad time lately with gas and tummy problems that moment when he is happy and making all the cute faces just had to be saved.  This is just the cutest faces I've seen, too bad it's a crappy iPhone pic.

Okay, back to the list.  These are things that are wonderful extras that I've fallin' in love with.

Our grass drying rack is so wonderful.  No matter what size the bottles, nipples, or whatever needs to dry this rack holds it.  Only one complaint, it's not big enough.  It needs to be longer.  Even with it being small I can fit 6 bottles and parts on this thing.  That is counting the 6 parts to each of my bottles. 

Speaking of bottles.  I would advise all moms to spend the extra money (like a dollar extra, really not much) and get Dr. Brown bottles.  Yes, they have 6 parts (lid, nipple, connector ring, valve, funnel, and bottle) to each bottle which can be a pain when washing but I credit these bottles and soy formula for making my Nugget a happy baby.

This is a new purchase that helps with bath time.  DH and I always fought about temp of the bath water.  I always thought it was too cold and he thought it was too hot.  This little guy helps to settle the fight.  Instead of the word "HOT" on the bottom and became white no mater the temp, this little Octopus bath thermometer lets you know when the water is cold, hot, or ideal. 

I've heard 2 different reactions to a Diaper Genie (or similar product) one is that mothers hate it and other mothers love it.  I'm in the "Love It" category.  I think because I got the newer version the Diaper Genie II Elite.  It doesn't do the twisty thing, it just has these little flipper things that open and close allowing the diaper to drop into the bag once the lid is closed which keeps the smell in the bag and not in the air.  I don't know how to explain it very good. 

We love our Precious Planet Playard.  We used it as a bassinet for the first month.  The changing table thinging made things very convenient for late night changes.

So these are a few of my favorite things.  To be continued...

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