Wednesday, June 9, 2010

when I get done I'll...

We have a little bit of a schedule for Nugget.  I feed him about 7:30ish, then a bath, and then I rock him to sleep.  It worked last night and it has worked so far tonight.  He'll wake up again about 11ish and then again at 3ish.  Yes, he is still waking up at night but the time between has gotten longer.  The best part is not the duration between waking, it's the sound sleep.  Instead of being fussy, he is sleeping pretty soundly. 

The routine ends about 8:30ish which means I'm able to get a few things done after he goes to sleep.  As a side note:  except for the lake of sleep, I really do wish I had more time with him after work.  But that is for another post.   Anyway, I'm now wondering what to do with my time after 8:30.  The cool thing is that I'll be able to get some housework type things done.  But, if I get done with that, then what?  Do I spin?  Do I cook?  Do I knit?  Do I blog?  It's like I've been given this extra few hours.  Not really of course but I think because I haven't felt like I've had this time before now it seems to mean a lot more to me.  Before I had Nugget I had all the time in the world to pursue my hobbies (and I had a lot of hobbies).  But I wasted so much of that time.  Now 1 or 2 hours at the end of the night is so precious and treated like a gift. 

So what did I do with those extra hours tonight?  First I put together Southwestern Chicken to be cooked in the slow cooker tomorrow.  Then I roasted some bell pepper that I then cleaned, cut, vacuum sealed and froze.  There are a couple recipes that I really like that call for roasted bell pepper and I find it much easier to do ahead of time and just defrost.  And now I'm blogging about the extra time that is allowing me to blog.  ahem.

Oh, you know I really like to give everyone links to good stuff and resources.  Well I couldn't get through another post without a link.  Tonight it's a podcast that I just found.  New Moms New Babies podcast.  I've listened to a few episode and they seem to have a great chemistry between them and they have some great info to share.  From this podcast I learned about Nick Kelsh who has written several books and has some great advise on taking pics of babies.  I also learned about the website Just Ask Baby which has some really interesting childhood development resources. 

Well, it's getting time for Nugget to start stirring.  Tomorrow night when I get done with washing the dog I'll...


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