Thursday, June 10, 2010

How quickly they forget

Is your baby sleeping through the night?  No?

How often I've heard this?  For the record, my baby is not sleeping through the night.  He is only 2 months old. 

Here's the thing.  I got sucked into this baby sleeping through the night thing.  Not that I cared if I got more sleep, cuz I don't mind getting up to feed him.  I cared because I thought I should care, at least lots of other people made me feel like I should care.  So I started putting rice cereal in his bottle.  granted i never actually put the recommend amount because deep down i just didn't feel comfortable.  I have been putting 1tbsp of cereal in his bottle at night.  I told myself it was because he is eating so much, which is true, but the rice has not stopped this.  I still have to figure a solution for this but as far as the cereal, I now wonder if I'm stuck doing this.  I don't think I am, I mean it's not a drug or something that has to be lessened gradually.  So after all the stress of trying to figure out how to make him sleep through the night I've finally decided to just stop.  Stop caring what others think and only care about what is best for me, my husband, and Nugget.  There you have it.  If you were planning on giving me advise about how to help him sleep longer at night and it included giving him rice cereal in his bottle at night, you can keep that advise to yourself.  It's nothing personal.  Well it is personal, it is personal to me and my family.  I'm just trying to do what is best for my baby in my own opinion. 

But lets talk about these people who have so proudly proclaimed their baby's perfect sleeping habits.  If you really prod, you may actually find out that their baby was at least 12 weeks old before sleeping through the night.  And if what so many moms have told me is true, after 12 weeks each baby has a renewal and they are much easier to care for.  I'm guessing it is partially because they are naturally starting to sleep longer at night.  Therefore the mom is sleeping longer and therefore everyone is just much happier.  It seems some of these "my baby slept all night"  moms forget that those first 12 weeks are hard and come with a lot of sleepless nights.  Maybe after giving birth you not only forget the pain of birth but you also forget those first 12 weeks.  which i didnt' have labor pain, i had an epidural.  Oooh, I have that to brag to all you "my baby is sleeping through the night moms", I didn't have any labor pains and I only pushed for 30 minutes. 



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  2. listen..Bryce is 2 and he still wakes up and comes in my room at night...So it seems that they never do...NO RICE CEREAL hes way to young. Luv yah lady and you will learn things that are best for you as you go. Every child is different. (sorry for hte so called comment from Brad he was logged into google under his name)

  3. I was lucky (sort of) because Melody came home from the hospital well trained by the nurses. Sophie was another story. There were MANY nights that I slept with her on my belly. I nursed her and she would wake up every hour.
    Every baby is different and YOU make the decision of what is best for YOUR baby. You and Paul are doing a great job! Little James is wonderful.